Handmade in New York by our own tailors, using only the finest cloth by
the Scottish mill, Holland & Sherry, our fully canvased suits and blazers
feature classic English tailoring proportions (no skinny lapels here I’m afraid),
a sublime fit and delicate details,

Now (quietly) famous, our creations have elegantly graced boardrooms,
altars and even stages the world over.

Three levels on offer all are made to our same exacting standards:

Semi-Bespoke: In this case, the jacket is made to our house pattern with
unfinished sleeves, any alterations requ‍‍‍ired are done so and measurements
are taken for a fully custom trouser (we’ve found that works better than
making alterations to an existing pair). Please allow 3-4 weeks for this level.
Priced at $2,850-$2,950.

Made-to-measure: This level is for clients who are choosing from our
ready-to-wear collection, but who’s body type does not conform with our
standard pattern, that might mean that they are a “short” or “long”,
or perhaps have a body type that prevents the jacket from falling correctly.
Fully custom trouser. Please allow for a fitting and 5-6 weeks for this level.
Priced at $3,200-$3,300.

Fully Bespoke: In this premium option, only the measurements of the body
are used to create the paper pattern and a wide selection of luxurious fabrics,
linings, buttons and details are available to choose from. 2-3 fittings are
usually required and the process takes 10-12 weeks. Priced at $3,800+.

A collection of ready-to-wear blazers are hand-crafted each season.


Photography by Mark Mann

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